Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Intervals.....and I am not a fish.

I am not talking about the intervals between blogging as they are far too long I am aware; I am talking about interval training.  In my reassessment of all things lycra and gym based I realised there is a beauty to the controlled environment of the treadmill. I realise you don't need a treadmill to do intervals, Adidas mi coach is a pretty good tool with some interval functionality.  Hill sprints are a form of interval training but in the last week i have enjoyed adding an interval session between each road run.

Session 1:

2 minutes just outside aerobic pace (8 minute miles at the moment)

2 minutes just inside aerobic pace (10 minute miles)

The idea is to get my body to recover at that 10 minute mile pace.  I can comfortably do 8 1/2 minute miles so I am just going anaerobic but then recovering it at 10 minute mile pace.

Session 2:

1 Minute 7 minute mile pace

1 Minute 3 minute mile pace

Keeping good form rather than going for the treadmill shaking slapping that I see sometimes; the seven minute mile is currently a challenge but is actually around my target pace if not just a little quicker.  This session actually feels easier mentally as I know I have a minutes walk coming up.  The trick will be to do 2 fast 1 slow but we'll get there in a while.

Meanwhile I am thinking up charity challenges for my 40th year and causes to run bike or swim for.  Believe me I want lots of sponsorship for the swim bit for some reason my body is not adapting to swimming as well as I would like.  Lessons may ensue but I have all the finesse of waterlogged drift wood.

So if you know of a good cause and a good event let me know.

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