Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I have been away and not updated I am sorry.  Now, don't laugh but I managed to inflame a facet joint (it's in your lower back ....the doctor said so) by tying a shoe lace.  Crazy eh?  Now I could cuff it and say that such a highly tuned athlete is susceptible to such injury but pretty much everyone I have told has said it is a sign of getting older.  I reject this wholeheartedly, why do we fall for this baloney about getting older being some excuse for injuries happening to us.  The truth is that I have for the last eighteen months neglected my body in terms of diet and exercise and now that I have started again a few of the nuts (no smut please) and bolts are loose and need tightening. Offending joint pictured below:

This however leaves me with a dilemna, because now the principle means of me losing weight is going to be diet which is a weaker suit.  I know the science of dieting and I can avoid many of the pitfalls but cake is nice!!!  As are crumpets, tea and toast and a host of other nibbly things.  So this week or so that I am taking to recover is an exercise in self control, which I guess is like any other muscle the more you exercise it the stronger it gets.....or so the theory goes.  This doesn't account for the fact we are living with my in laws at the moment and ma in law is a great cook and serial cake buyer, all well and good for her as a dog walker and for Mike the Bike with his 40 mile rides but for Mr Sleeping on the floor because bizarrely it is more comfortable this means temptation.  So in attempt to be accountable to someone.....I only have 2 followers, (neither averse to a bit of cake or a pint so perhaps unlikely to criticise) but I may as well blog about it or else I would get to talking about what is happening in Libya, or Bahrain or the Earthquake in NZ; and to be honest after years of working overseas in disaster zones and conflict zones I am now just a little quietly uninterested.  I think I may be going post colonial.

Anyways breakfast has consisted of:

1/2 sachet of Quaker oats porridge
1 pot of Activia Kiwi fruit youghurt
1 pint of tea (worng in so many ways probably)
1 small glass of apple juice

Salad is ready in the fridge with my own personally concocted salad dressing, ingredients are as follows

2 fl oz Extra virgin olive oil
1.5 fl oz balsamic vinegar
0.5 fl oz lime juice
1 tspn cayenne pepper
1 tspn black pepper
1 tspn mustard powder
1/4 tspn ground ginger
pinch of salt

It has a kick like a mule but if like me you find salad a little bland this baby will sort it out with a minimum of fuss, much better than these shop bought numbers. Anyway toodle pip for now.


3starr said...

As a follower... I would like to tell you of my week of restraint. Yes a whole week without a devilishly appealing pint or glass of wine. To some this may mean little to nothing... to me, as you know, is quite an achievement.

Not to say I have a problem other than willpower... I like what I like and I like to have it. This coupled with a few winter pounds (lbs) that I still have hanging about, I decided to do something about it for my own minds sake. I have been invigorated by my Dorset and Wiltshire trip of a week or so ago and have been getting in plenty of huge walks as running bores me to tears as does the pain of actually doing it and no one want to see a nearly 40 year old man running through the streets sobbing uncontrollably.

I also made a real blood cleanser for my dinner last night.

Spinach, washed and squeezed.
A little red onion, marinaded in vinegar and sugar to take the harshness out of it.
A clove of Garlic.
As much chili as you dare.
Juice of a lime.
A little olive oil.
A little soy sauce.
I tin of Tuna (yes the good stuff) although fresh would be great with this but not in it. With a tin, drain it and chuck it in..
A chopped tomato.
A good clump of corriander.
A few toasted pine nuts and some cooked rice.

Add your nuts (go on laugh... I just did) and the hot cooked rice to the otherwise cold mixture and the residual heat will very lightly wilt the spinach making it easier to digest.

Put some in a little bowl and enjoy.

Also very good for lunch with a glass of Rose... oops!

That Baldy Fella said...

As Follower Number 2....hmm, I dislike that immensely, I've changed my mind about this opening sentence. I'm just going to go with "Heh heh, you both said nuts. Nuts."

I feel I should also leave a recipe, so my supper last night consisted of:-

1 onion
1/2 red pepper
1/2 yellow pepper
Paprika, cumin, coriander and cayenne pepper
(All of the above fried in oil)
4 tortillas
Guacamole and sour cream
Rocket-based salad

Yes, that's right no meat-based substance as the main item. Basically, the kids had eaten all that before I got back. Veggie fajitas it was then.

Are we all getting healthy in our old age?