Sunday, 20 February 2011


Rest days are important and whilst it seems crazy to have a rest day the day after I start this thing, it allows me to assess just how hard that run was, and the truth is it wasn't too bad. I mean it left me panting at points but it was manageable.

More importantly about rest days it allows you to ponder the important questions of life like why do sportsmen eat bananas? Allegedly it is for carbohydrate and potassium, the truth is that it is unlikely that you will digest a banana quick enough to get the energy before the end of an activity. The reason they wan't potassium is as it stops them cramping. Apparently mashing the banana helps to break down some of the complex digestible material, my one year old son Joel would probably not agree he loves his 'nana" pure. I on the other hand quite enjoy a mashed banana on toast for breakfast.

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