Monday, 21 February 2011

Variance - Monday's Run

This morning is another run this one a little bit longer, about 2.5 miles done in about 23 or so minutes which means i am doing roughly ten minute miles. Now this isn't going to break any olympic records but it is the starting block for another target: 7 minute miles or less. So targets to date are -

95 Kg
7 minute miles or less.

The rain persisted this morning and it was colder than the last run and whilst that doesn't really make you want to get out of the door once you are on the move it is much nicer to run in the cool. I titled today's entry variance because I have been looking to make the route a little longer and a little more challenging but also to stop me from getting bored. I cut across the bridleway between West Yatton and Long Dean and was rewarded by seeing a deer bobbing across my path; moving a fair bit faster than I was. There were consideraby more uphills than in the previous run tough on the legs but in only two runs I feel stronger. - this tool has been so valuable in not kidding myself about how far, how fast and how many calories I am burning, (444 calories today) - it can even tell me how many feet of ascent and descent. 138 up and 131 down for the altitude focused out there. It is perhaps at this point that i should introduce Mike-the-Bike. Mike-the-Bike is my 62 year old father in law who has decided this year that he wants to complete this years London to The Bell Pub ride (all 97 miles of it). We went out and bought a good bike, a Trek.....erm thingummy, and he has graduated over the last few weeks from 7 mile runs to the all new 32 mile long run scheduled for Wednesday. Periodically Mike-the-Bike will be making appearances on The "F" the mean time Jef my bezzie mate is down from sunny Dundee so it may be a curry night to night, so I will probably balance that with a salad for lunch. Tomorrow is a weights day!!!

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3starr said...

Damn right it's gonna be a curry night.... the salad went out the window though didn't it. Cheese and Chutney sandwich with leak and potato soup, get in.