Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday's Run

This morning was miserable weather, overcast and wet. It is almost as though someone was working against me but the truth I is he is working with me as I pulled on my kit and headed out. Now I am not one of those lycra monkeys that insist because they are running it makes it perfectly acceptable to have the family jewels outlined "a la Linford Christie" circa 1992. I wear a day glo t-shirt courtesy of Vermont Medical Response Team, combat pants courtesy of the US Army Rangers and Brooks Fusion trainers, this not only protect my modesty but also limits the expectation of onlookers. I look as though I can manager a reasonable trudge even with a pack on. The only pack I carry is my North Face - Sports Hiker which has my Ipod in. Playlist: Third Day - Offerings ii (favourite track ....hmmmm it is a toss up between Creed and Offering)

My wife was positive and said it didn't look that bad, the truth was that I was drenched by the end of the road. I kind of liked the drenched look and it keeps me cool. Now according to I covered 2.29miles in 25 minutes burning a meagre 401 calories. Kind of a lot of effort for 401 calories.

Now if I add that 401 to my standard 2500 calories that gives me a grand total of 2901 calories about calories in.........

Half a bowl of porridge
1 apple
1 bannana
2 boiled eggs
5 slices of pizza hut pizza (BBQ Deluxe...thanks for asking)
1 pizza hut salad
2 cokes
Smoked mackerel salad.

hmmmmmmm......probably should have dropped the pizza!

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