Thursday, 24 February 2011

Training Partners

Training Partners come in many shapes and sizes, todays was four legged and small. I took Pickle the Jack Russell Terrier running with me. Pickle is 7 months old and full of energy, she can pull me round the 2.5 miles quicker I thought...... but no. Running with dogs is not easy for the following reasons:

1. They don't appreciate the route you want to take.

2. You don't appreciate how interesting that field of sheep is.

3. They have no idea that a ten minute mile pace should be even and consistent.

4. You have no idea how good the faeces of other species smells.

5. They don't keep to the unspoken agreement that humans have to not suddenly fling themselves at your ankles on a slippery downhill section.

6. You don't appreciate that hosing down a muddy terrier at the end of a run is a miserable task.

Pickle kept up a good pace and thankfully did not need carrying although I have been practising the over the shoulder "sheep carry" with Joel, my son. That said I feel fairly sure she would have bitten my ears. Other than the Pickle factor the run went quite well. I felt a little sore after yesterdays weight and I think I may substitute some kind of circuit training in until all these muscles get used to the new regime. I am however feeling up beat about the whole process, I almost want to run again tomorrow despite it notionally being a rest know I must just do it crazy though it sounds.

I had a sneaky interim weigh in before Saturday and I have lost .9 of a kg (2lbs) which is the notional healthy weight loss speed so no bad thing there a few days before the weigh in. Other positives are better sleep, general well being and a better head space, you have to love those endorphins!!!!

Today's run is at mapometer -

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